Novel strategies for neurological and mental disorders: scientific basis and value for patient-centred care

Review lectures, symposia, medico-social workshops, e-posters 

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Free registration for PhD students and residents in the clinical neurosciences, for patients’ associations as members of the Belgian Brain Council, for poster presenters and speakers.

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Online registration


Support the Belgian Brain Congress 2018, a meeting that brings together clinicians, researchers, representatives of patients and the pharmaceutical industry, all united by the same objective: increase knowledge, awareness, resources and quality of care for brain disorders.

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Sponsorship the BBCongress


Submit your abstract online before August 31, 2018, on Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Be sure to be registered to the Congress before submitting your abstract.

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Patients Associations

The patients' associations who are members of the Brain Council can have a free stand during the Belgian Brain Congress. 

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Brain’Art Challenge

Deadline: September 3, 2018

The objective is to collect (micro)photographs or other artworks that are striking, didactic, funny, surrealistic and/or just nice of the brain, its cells, molecules and diseases, both morphological or functional, normal or pathological.

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Brain'art challenge

Brain Council

The first coordinating association of all agencies for the brain and related diseases.
The Belgian Brain Council wants to improve the treatment for persons with neurological and psychiatric diseases, make people more aware of this subject, stimulate research and exchange between the different disciplines and associations, and lobbying at the government for enhancing the reimbursement of research and treatments. 

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The Belgian Brain Congress 2018 will be held in Liège’s Convention Center, an enchanting setting, alongside the river Meuse and near the Boverie’s museum and park, an international exhibition center.

Liège is a warm and welcoming city, well-known for its magnificent Calatrava’s railway station, a must-see!

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