Chairs: Laurence Ris, Renaud Vandenbosch, Wim Fias, Adrian Ivanoiu, Hendrik Kajosch

Non-invasive neuromodulation
Chairs: Aurore Thibaut, Hendrik Kajosch

Transcranial direct/alternating current stimulation: what is the neural basis?
Bart Krekelberg (USA/NL)

Transcranial magnetic and direct current stimulation in neuropsychiatric disorders: state of the art
Michael Nitsche (D)

Chairs: Laurence Ris, Renaud Vandenbosch, Wim Fias, Adrian Ivanoiu, Hendrik Kajosch

Satellite Symposia on novel pharmacotherapies 
Only for MDs.

Migraine and CGRP mAbs
Novartis & Teva

Chair : J. Schoenen

J. Schoenen

Current migraine management and unmet needs
Simona Sava

A new era in migraine therapy: monoclonal antibodies blocking CGRP neurotransmission
J. Versijpt


Progress & Promises in Primary Progressive MS

Chair : D. Decoo, AZ Alma Eeklo

Differential diagnosis in PPMS - Red flags & pitfalls
B. Van Wijmeersch - MS Centrum Overpelt

Ocrevus in PPMS - the ORATORIO study
E. Bartholomé, CHU Tivoli

Patients cases
B. Van Wijmeersch & E. Bartholomé


Chairs: Laurence Ris, Renaud Vandenbosch, Wim Fias, Adrian Ivanoiu, Hendrik Kajosch

Keynote lecture & debate
Moderators: Pierre Kroll & Steven Laureys

A system biology approach for modelling the brain: critical targets for the modulation of higher brain functions

Jean-Pierre Changeux (F) (neurobiologist)

Medico-social Workshop 1

Integrated care in brain disorders : Quo vadis?

In 2015, Federal Minister of Social Affairs Maggie De Block, in charge of « Public Health », and coordinator of the Interministerial Committee for Social Affairs, took the brave initiative to launch the « Chroniccare project ». Under this denominator, 12 pilot-projects covering the Brussels Capital-Region and the two Belgian Communities, Flanders and Wallony, are being invited to undertake a major integration exercise to optimize health care services in their respective areas.

Chair and moderator: Lia Le Roy, BBC Board Member and Secretary of the Executive Committee –

Co-chair: Charles van der Straten Waillet, vice-president and Treasurer of BBC

« Chroniccare: an ambitious project for better integrated care » by Ri De Ridder, Public Health Expert and former General Manager of Health Care at the National Health Care Insurance Institute of Belgium (RIZIV -INAMI)

« Pilot-projects: Progress reports by project representatives and attitude of Patient Organizations »: For the pilot-project ZOHrg - Tienen/Landen), Jeroen van den Brandt and project coordinator Hannelore Storms, and Els Meebergen, Deputy Manager of VPP (Vlaams Patiëntenplatform) and Annick van Den Bossche, coordinator of the « Relian project » (Liège) and Blaise Dammekens, project manager at LUSS (Fédération Francophone indépendante d’Associations de Patients et de Proches)

Q & A’s with audience and specifically patient organizations

The gut-brain axis
Chairs: Marie D’Hooghe, Rufin Vogels

Gut-brain integration
Lukas Van Oudenhove (KUL)

Microbiota and the healthy/diseased brain
Gerard Clarke (IRL)

The Belgian Therapeutic Adherence Network for Brain disorders
Chairs: G. Franco (BBC vice-president) & A. Chaspierre (APB president)

Therapeutic non-adhesion is recognized by the WHO as a priority problem of health.

Non-adhesion is regarded as the principal reason for aggravation of the patients’ quality of life and increases cost for patients, care-givers and society, in total an estimated 1.500 million euros in Europe. This wasted money could be invested in research projects to improve quality of life.

An active task force team was created within the “Belgian Brain Council”, in order to promote the improvement of therapeutic adherence in a multidisciplinary and synergistic approach. This initiative fits into the same dynamics that the "Inami-Riziv VIDIS plan".

16:15 - 16:25: Therapeutic adherence: definitions and consequence: M. Tomas (cardiologist, visiting Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UNamur)

16:25 - 16:35: Patients needs and expectations: real world therapeutic adherence: Christine Pahaut (Multiple Sclerosis nurse, sophrologist, Parkinson association) and Gianni Franco (neurologist, EplC president)

16:35 - 16:45: eHealth & adherence: Inami-Riziv VIDIS project: Yoeriska Antonissen (Pharmacist, INAMI RIZIV, coordinator of the VIDIS project)

16:45 - 16:55: Pharmacists role within Inami Riziv VIDIS project: A. Chaspierre (Pharmacist, APB president)

16:55 - 17:05: Teaching therapeutic compliance: an Art:  C. Dury (nurse, Direct. Paramedical department HENALLUX)

17:05 - 17:15: Therapeutic education for patients: coaching:  I. Wats (International Coach Federation) & M. Noirhomme (Facilitator in Health Systems & Service Design)

Conclusions by A. Chaspierre & G. Franco

Closure, poster and patients prizes